RiverWinds Community Center, NJ


Business Member Annual Pass

Employees of West Deptford based companies working either full-time or part-time have the opportunity to join RiverWinds Community Center! Proof of employment is required in the form of a pay stub.  A letter from a supervisor on local business letterhead may also be required if the company has multiple locations or the paystub does not specify the employees location.

The passes listed below provide members with unlimited use of the Fitness Center, Aquatic Facility, and Gymnasiums.  Members enjoy the option to participate in all Group Exercise Classes and other programming for an additional fee, as well.

2024 Annual BUSINESS Member Monthly Paid in Full
 Family (2 Adults & 2 Children Ages 3-17) $62.50 $750
 Individual (18 - 61 Years of Age) $31.25 $375
 Senior (62 Years of Age and Older) $12.50 $150
 Senior Couple (2 Seniors at Same Address) $20.67 $248
 Youth (3 - 17 Years of Age) $20.83 $250

  • Business Members enjoy the opportunity to pay on a monthly OR in full to complete their annual contract!
  • Children ages 0 - 2.99 may hold an Annual Pass at no charge, but must be listed on a Family Membership.
  • Youth Memberships, and the ability to qualify as a child on a Family Membership, may be applicable to individuals up to and including age 24 who can show proof of full-time college matriculation.  
Rates valid as of September 1, 2021

Download our RiverWinds Business Membership Application 2023