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Mennilli Martial Arts at riverWindscarmen

Interested in Learning...
  • Karate
  • Judo 
  • JuJuTsu
  • Hapkido
  • Boxing
Stop at the Front desk and inquire about joining Master Mennilli & Master Weinberg in their classes!

A system of self-defense that involves striking, throwing, grappling, as well as how to defend against these attacks and weapon attacks. The class will build your confidence as you seek perfection of character with the “Yes I Can” attitude and better health.  Master C. Donald Weinberg & Instructor Sensei Carmen Mennilli (Ret. Police Officer) with 48 years experience in training, competing, teaching & coaching; Kids and Adults.  Carmen has also taught Law Enforcement Officers to Military Personnel to Amateur & Pro Fighters and Athletes.

Classes are Tuesday & Thursday evenings here at RiverWinds Community CenterCurrent - color September 2023 - Copy
  • 5:30p Beginner Youth Class (ages 6-8)
  • 6:00p Advanced Youth Class (ages 8-13)
  • 7:00p Adult & Teens Class (ages 13+)
Classes run monthly with No Contract!
  • $99 for RiverWinds Members
  • $104 for Non-Members
Important Information
  • Register monthly with the front desk
  • Free Class Available: See Carmen
  • Free Uniform at sign-up for Starters
  • Please wear sneakers & athletic attire
Important Information for Police Officers
  • Free Training by appointment
    • See or Call Carmen
    • 856-981-0613 (Leave a message)
  • Please wear sneakers & athletic attire

Visit Mennilli Martial Arts online at https://www.mennillimartialarts.com